Alchemist Tetrahedron, Map Your World — A 4D Map, Compass & Game Dice.

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This is the Alchemist Tetrahedron!

It's a 4-sided pyramid shape, with 4 corners, separated by an equal distance, making it the perfect shape for representing and working with any map that contains 4 or 5 components, like the traditional indigenous medicine wheel, the 4 directions, the 4 elements (Fire, Water, Earth and Air), the 5 elements of Music (Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Silence & Love), etc.

Not only does it look cool and feel amazing in your hand. It is also a very useful map, a compass and a gaming dice. For detailed instructions of ways that you can use it, check out this video:

A 3D and 4D Map?

It's a 3D map because it extends beyond a flat surface. An example of a 2D map would be the traditional medicine wheel, which is a circle divided into 4 parts, each section representing one element or direction or animal.

The benefit of making it a 3D shape is that now it can rotate, it can move, it can reorganize the order, it shows the mix between two and three elements. It comes from being a flat shape, flat shapes are great nothing wrong with them, to being a 3D shape that you can carry and gain new perspectives that hadn't been possible before.

The 4D aspect of the tetrahedron is in the unseen. In the center of this shape, although unseen, is the 5th element: Source. If you're using the medicine wheel and the 4 elements, the 5th element is: Spirit. In the 5 Elements of Music is: Love. In the 5 Bodies is: The Archetypal Body.

History & Origin Process

This idea came to me (Jorge) in 2020 before the birth of my third son, when I was in deep study of the medicine wheel and the elements. This shape came as a download from a mysterious force with the instructions that it's a map that has the power to translate different maps from different cultures, essentially acting as a bridge that sheds light into long-standing quarrels between different cultures.

Over the last 3 years, I played with different models, making tons of different models with wood and paper, which then revealed the sub-components of the dice: the combinations of 2 of the elements (Fire+Water, Water+Earth, Earth+Air, Air+Water, Fire+Air, etc) and of 3 of the elements (Fire + Water + Earth, etc).

In May of 2023 I reached out to a friend to inquiry about 3D printing the first model. This evolved very quickly...

Takuma Valcourt and Jorge PEdret in the picture above, holding the second batch of 10 Tetrahedrons.

Takuma is a 3D printing expert and industrial designer who runs Tako Creations Collective, a 3D printing shop based in the traditional territory of the Lkwungen people, modernly known as Victoria, BC. Check out his shop here:

I reached out to Takuma Valcourt inquiring about 3D printing the simple model.

A few moments after he was chasing after me, he had made the design, he sent it to me, gave me a quote and was ready to print it. The first model was a plain tetrahedron, which I had planned to etch using a simple saw and then paint manually. The material was so tough that I was only able to etch one corner after 1 hour of sawing...

How else could I do this?

Why not give the job to the printer to etch it?

So, I made a drawing of the next model with etched borders and sent it to Takuma. He had the design done the next day and asked me "when do you want to pick them up?". Here's the design that he made:

The tetrahedron is printed using a material made of recycled corn husks, so the material is completely sustainably harvested and 100% plant-based. The tetrahedron is a reshaped corn! I didn't know this before, and learning this affirmed that this was the person that I was meant to be working with to print these pieces.

Not only the material that he uses is awesome, Takuma also donates part of the income to support two local organizations: the Dzunukwa Society and the Ancient Forest Alliance.

When you buy an Alchemist Tetrahedron here, know that you're supporting something very awesome in many ways, and that your money goes to families, creators and communities that value life, connection, culture and nature.

A few dozen people around the world know and own an Alchemist Tetrahedron from the ones originally printed. I've given them all away and kept one for myself.

Now, I'm called to share them and make them available to the world here through this page.

The funds from the sales would support me to continue developing tools like this and developing this as a more refined product, an instructions manual and packaging.

What happens when you buy?

I get the next batch of AT (Alchemist Tetrahedrons) printed with Tako Creations Collective. I paint your Tetrahedron with acrylic paint, just like in the pictures above. And I ship it to you with a tracking number. (If you want to get the tetrahedron without the paint, let me know after you've made your purchase.)

Depending on your location, the item would arrive to you within 2 weeks. As I get more familiar with the process, I'll be able to provide more precise details about how this goes. For now, bear with me as I get familiar with processing and shipping.

Include Training?

In the buying options, you have the option to include training. This is a 90-min online 1-on-1 session with me where we play the different games and experiment with the different ways to use it. This session is recorded and you can access it at any time in the future and share it with your people.

The purpose of the training is to provide a way for those who want to support more fully, also to provide a way to connect you with the source where this tool came from and it's a fun, intimate and resourceful space!

Thank You For Reading

Check out the official website:

Go ahead and start playing today with your own Alchemist Tetrahedron!

I want this!

You'll get a real physical Alchemist Tetrahedron shipped to you. 3D printed in Lekwungen territory, manually painted with acrylic paint by Jorge Pedret.

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Alchemist Tetrahedron, Map Your World — A 4D Map, Compass & Game Dice.

0 ratings
I want this!